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24/7 in the Nature World

Publish: 10 Jul 2018

24/7 in the Nature World

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway at somewhere with a large forest landscape in Thailand that incorporated various forest types like mixed forest, Dry evergreen forest, Tropical rain forest, Hill evergreen forest and including meadow, the first place that comes to your mind might be “Khao yai”. It’s one most visited national parks in Thailand during weekends and peak season as there have such rich biodiversity, nice climate and tons of to-do activities for all generations.

WOULD IT BE GREAT? if you can connect to somewhere with integral ecology and untamed nature flourish side-by-side in only few steps walk from home?

The Forestias has been planting over 30 rais of forest landscape according to the Eco-theory by using native species curated with the new selected ones to bring forth integral elements of ecosystem. Hence, everyone can live happily in harmony with nature world without wasting any single minutes travelling.