About Us - The Forestias

Project Concept

Welcome to The Forestias. A community in profound harmony with the natural world. A place where humankind and untamed nature flourish side by side. A community where four generations – grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren – can bloom and grow closer. A place where the world discovers sustainable happiness.

Imagine a community…
where humans live within the natural world
as integral elements of the ecosystem.
Place it just beyond the heart of the city.
Add family members living
close to one another,
enjoying the warmth of each other’s affection.
Provide resources and activities for every lifestyle
including those that contribute to nature.
And let four generations live together happily in harmony with the natural world.

Because we believe…

everlasting happiness is not found but created.

concepts of sustainable happiness

Connecting 4 Generations

We find happiness in designing living spaces where four generations can share ever-deepening love and understanding. We have crafted amenities to suit the lifestyles of each generation. And we have designed a myriad activities to build fond memories and foster warm relationships in happy, sustainable homes.

50 Shades of Nature

Nature in all its richness and color lives here alongside humans as never before. The entire project is enlivened with the multitudinous hues of what we call the modern jungle. We are bringing humankind back to the natural world in four meticulously conceived habitats, ranging from a tranquil garden to the edge of a dense forest – ecosystems where we can rediscover the joy of living in tune with nature.

Community of Dreams

Happiness ensues when all generations of a family come together. Activities within the community engage everyone, swapping ideas and helping one another, building connections and bridging the gaps between generation.

for Well-being

Bringing nature back into our lives takes fresh ideas and new technologies to enhance the well-being of people and the planet. This field we term ‘sustainnovation’. MQDC’s researchers in sustainnovation have worked passionately to bring mankind back into nature at a place where all living beings can thrive

Our CEO's Vision

for the Community of Tomorrow

Our vision for The Forestias is to become the premiere model of a happy living environment, focused on providing the highest quality intergenerational family community services and becoming the future community prototype for expansion throughout Asia over a variety of income segments . The Forestias seeks to be the global leader in demonstrating best practices of living with nature, reintegrating ecosystems within the human community.

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Our Mission Statement

To create a new intergenerational family community within a forested oasis that will serve its residents and surrounding visitors and enable multiple generations of family members and all beings (human, animals and nature) to reconnect within its neighborhoods regardless of income strata. This community will foster lifelong happiness in a non-discriminatory, healthy physical and emotional environment. It will promote and strengthen community inclusiveness and shared social responsibility through exemplary ecological , architectural, and environmental design and sustainable innovations. The Forestias will nurture a diverse community of on-site residents and visitors through nature, learning and intellectual activities, services, amenities, wellness, and leisure experiences.